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Available February 10th

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As a Black musician, Mallett’s work writes a more complete history of our instrument in America. This program is a time stamp of late 19th-century American music. Holland takes us on this journey through folk, church, parlour and dance songs that sing through the solo guitar.

-Kim Perlak, Chair - Berklee College of Music Guitar Program


"Duo Noire's debut recording for New Focus Recordings, Night Triptych, covers so many bases, and speaks so clearly to contemporary realities, that it immediately qualifies for several gold stars. But once you hear the sheer musicality of its premiere recordings of six new works for duo guitar, and how wonderfully they are played, you may be tempted to award the album several more...the depth, variety, and range of colors is astounding....There's a goldmine of ideas and feelings here, whose riches will unveil themselves more and more over time."

STEREOPHILE: An Enlightening Debut from Duo Noire by Jason Victor Serinus 
"An impressive work and performance. If you don’t know the piece [The Porcelain Tower] it is worth the price of the disc by itself."

-Soundboard Magazine, 2015
" wouldn't regret getting a hold of this; if you like acoustic guitar, bluegrass, minimalism, blues -or music at all- you'll definitely enjoy this excellently produced and mastered album."
-I Care If You Listen, Classical Music Blog

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